Nominations are now CLOSED!

Nominations are now closed for 2019. Thank you for your submissions. Congratulations to this year’s Women Of Distinction! 

How do I contact you?

You may use the form on the home page, or contact us by email at

or by calling 705-529-6906 for general inquiries. You may also contact us though Facebook or Instagram!

frequently asked questions


Don't see the answer below? Reach out today! Please note NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Q- When can I nominate someone for 2020? Can I send it now?
A- No. Information will be posted here when nominations open during the late spring/early summer of 2020.
Q - What is the process of submitting a nomination? Can I just send you the name of the person that I think should be nominated? 

A- The process of submitting your nomination is quite simple. After you determine that your nominee resides in the communities of North Simcoe, send us an email, a PM or give us a call to find out which category your nominee would qualify for. From there, we will send you the appropriate package. Each package contains four questions that must be answered, and you can add supporting documentation to enrich your submission and give a fulsome view of your nominees accomplishments. Please note that sending us the name of a nominee or commenting on social media does not qualify as it gives the judges nothing to evaluate.  

Q- The nomination instructions say no essay style entries. What does this mean? 

A- This simply means that the questions must be answered in the format that they are provided to you in. 

For example: 

Question one- 

Answer one- 

Question two must be followed by its own answer, and so on. Each of those answers individually may be as long as you choose, however all of the questions may not be answered in an essay style entry. It is time consuming for the judges to try to pick through an entry in determine if all of the questions have been answered. When the answers are not straightforward, it is possible that some of the details of your answers may be lost in the process of trying to search for them. Following this format is greatly appreciated, and allows the judges to carefully review every submission.  

Q- I want to surprise my nominee by sending in a nomination. Does she have to agree to participate? 

A- Yes, the nominee must agree to participate and must complete the consent form to have the submission entered for consideration.  

Q- It says supporting documents may be added to my completed package to enrich the submission. What type of documents could they be? Can they be used in place of answering the questions? 

A- Supporting documents could be newspaper articles, hyperlinks to relevant online content, copies of awards, relevant photographs, certificates, interviews, news stories, or any other items that you feel would support the answers you have provided in your nomination. Thusly, these items cannot be used in place of your written answers. They are merely given to add context and depth to your existing answers.  

Q- Can I attend the event with my nominee? Where can I buy tickets, where is the event, and does my nominee have to pay to attend? 

A- Yes, you can attend the event. Tickets are available at One Stop Beauty Shop in Midland, at Meridian Credit Union in Penetanguishene, and online at until September 13. The cost for each ticket is $60, however each nominee will attend free of charge. This does not apply to group nominations, and special arrangements will be made with those types of group nominees in advance. The event is September 24, at the Quality Inn in Midland.  

Q- What can I expect once I submit a nomination?

A- You will receive an email as soon as possible confirming receipt of your submission. In the coming days after your submission has been received, you and your nominee will each receive an email advising you of the next steps. This email will contain all the information relating to the event, things to expect, and what is required of you (if anything).  

Q- My nominee wants to know what her photo and video will be used for. 

A- Your nominee may have noticed in the package there is a consent form authorizing us to use her likeness, video, and audio recordings that we may obtain. These photos and videos will be featured on our social media, website, and at the event. Photographer and a videographer will be in touch with your nominee to make arrangements to get these items filmed. It is an easy and fun process that commemorates this milestone!  

Q- When is my submission due? 

A- Submissions must be received by end of day on September 5th.